Frequently asked questions

What is Figured?

Figured is a service that helps people with afro-textured hair find the best personal hair routine and product lineup for their lifestyle and hair characteristics. We create a customized plan with curated samples for users that takes the haircare trial period down from 2 years to just 90 days.

What is afro-textured hair?

Afro-textured hair has a very curly kinky or coily shape to each of its strands. While the term afro-textured hair describes a collection of hair patterns and densities common to certain populations in Africa and the African diaspora, it can also be found in many other individuals.

I really like a sample from my first or second kit. Can I request it again?

Sure thing! Once you find a sample that works well for you, it is really helpful to keep testing that product alongside the new samples you receive. For any samples that you really enjoy, you can request to receive them again in your next kit via our digital feedback form.

How does the digital feedback form work?

Each of your 3 kits will include a link to an online feedback form where users rate each of the samples they received. This information that you provide helps us make our curation process more accurate for your remaining kits. Our experts analyze your ratings and feedback to create a final list of ideal products and tailored routines for your lifestyle and hair characteristics. Now you can buy and use the full-size versions of your new go-to products confidently!

What is the timeline for the Figured Experience?

Our first set of Experiences will have a start date of October 1 2020 and an end date of January 1 2021. Users will get each of their 3 kits about every 30 days and will need to give feedback on their samples by the 20th day of each kit in order to receive the next one on time. Kit 1 start date: October 1, 2020 Kit 1 feedback due: October 20th, 2020 Kit 2 start date: November 1 2020 Kit 2 feedback due: November 20th 2020 Kit 3 start date: December 1, 2020 Kit 3 feedback due: December 20th, 2020 Experience end date with results: January 1, 2021

What do the samples look like and what happens at the end of the Experience?

All of the samples in our kits are anonymized during your Experience to prevent user bias. Each bottle will be labeled with a code to identify it. That being said, we will never give you samples from brands you noted dislike for in your hair profile. At the end of the Experience, we will send you a list of samples that you rated the highest samples along with the links to purchase the full-size versions.


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