the best way to find go-to hair advice for your afro-textured hair

What Do I Get As a Figured Member?

  • Unlimited Access to Hair Advice from Our Team

  • Summary of Your Personal Hair Profile

  • Personalized Haircare Routines

  • Natural Hair Instructions and Tips

  • New Customized Hair Advice Every Month

  • Access to Our Figured Community Page

$8 per month*

*$96 billed annually

Haircare Navigation, Unique to You

We know that hair journeys are always changing, and your hair goals, challenges, and questions will too. Figured is a service that helps you save time and money when maintaining your afro-textured hair by connecting you to the perfect hair advice. The result? A constant personal guide for your curls.

Perks of Getting Figured

  • Access to our database of advice from hair experts

  • Only see content that is relevant to you and your hair

  • Join our Figured Family of members to see how others progress on their natural hair journeys

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