Over your 90-day journey we'll curate 3 sample-stocked kits for you: 1 delivered every 30 days.



Create a hair profile

Tell us about your hair history, characteristics, goals and lifestyle habits. You'll also tell us what kind of hair products to include in your kit (e.g. shampoo, leave-in conditioner, etc.) The more we know about you, the more accurate we can make your sample kits and routine recommendations.


Experts curate your kit

Our hair curation experts create your haircare experience with curated samples and  a personalized testing plan to maximize product harmony and lifestyle fit. We only source from brands that meet our criteria.


You start testing

Start testing your first sample set. Our tailored recommendations will guide you through every step of your Figured journey. Rate and provide feedback on products after each of your three sample kits so that we can make your next kit even more precise.


You can buy confidently

Our experts analyze your ratings and feedback to create a final list of ideal products and tailored routines for your lifestyle and hair characteristics . Congrats! Now you can buy and use the full-size versions of your new go-to products confidently! 


Savings, savings, savings.
Stop spending hundreds of dollars on hair products that just don't work. Figured empowers you to make educated haircare decisions in the future. Say goodbye to the countless forgotten products in your bathroom and hello to only the products you need and use.
More time to do you.
Finding the right products for your hair shouldn't mean sacrificing your time and energy. Rather than getting product and routine recommendations from influencers,  Figured puts you in control and guides you through your product journey so that you spend less time worrying about your hair and more time focusing on what matters most to you.
Curated just for you.
Products and routines shouldn't be forced into your everyday schedule. Our experts handpick each of the samples that we include in your testing kits and ensure that every instruction and recommendation is tailored to your curl characteristics and the life you live. With Figured hair care is as seamless as it gets.


  • 24 Hand-picked Sample Hair Products

  • Summary of Your Personal Hair Profile

  • Personalized Haircare Routines

  • Personalized Instructions and Tips

  • Digital Rating and Feedback Form

  • Contact Information for Your Curator


We only source our samples from Black-founded brands. 


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