Your Figured Personality based on preliminary results from our hair quiz 



You're a pretty adventurous person when it comes to hair care. No matter where you get recommendations from you're always on the hunt for new products. When comfortable, you enjoy sharing your hair experiences with others to help them on their journeys.


Best Practices


Being the avid product tester you are, it's important to put your hair health and wallet first. When trying something new, try finding a sample or travel-sized version of the hair products and investigate the ingredients before buying.


Hair Concerns

For people like you, growing your hair and maintaining hair health as you explore new products is really important. Slowly add new items to your hair care routine to understand their effect on your hair.


Personal Tips


Focus on establishing a daily or weekly hair refresh routine. Regardless of the products you use, it's good to integrate regular hair habits into your lifestyle to maintain your hair's moisture while wearing different hairstyles. 

Think of us as your curl consultants

Our Mission

The Experience

At Figured we are committed to

helping  people with afro-textured hair find the best hair products, advice, and routine for their curl characteristics and lifestyle. Our focus on curating product recommendations and hair advice from hair experts creates the perfect collection of products and tips tailored to you. Finding your fit faster means spending less time and money on products that don't work, and building your curl confidence.

When you start your Figured journey, our hair experts curate a hair routine and product recommendation list  just for you. We know that it takes most people two years to find their haircare groove. Purchase a Figured membership today to find your perfect collection of go-to products and hair routine instantly.