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Regardless of your level of comfort with your curls, you crave efficiency in everything you do–especially your hair! In most cases you appreciate doing your hair in the minimum time possible so you have more time to do what matters most to you.

Best Practices


Efficiency is key! Find a quick hair routine that doesn't sacrifice your hair health. Trying a protective style like braids or twists with extensions will require very little maintenance and will stimulate hair growth.


Hair Concerns

For people like you, hair growth and strengthening hair strands were the most common hair goals. When adding new items to your hair care routine, keep track of how each product makes you feel to understand its effect on your hair.

Personal Tips


Invest time in finding versatile hair products that you can use to moisturize, detangle, and condition your hair. This will help simplify your haircare routine!

Think of us as your curl consultants

Our Mission

The Experience

At Figured we are committed to

helping  people with afro-textured hair find the best hair product lineup and routine for their curl characteristics and lifestyle. Our focus on testing and curating samples from quality haircare brands creates the perfect collection of products and tips tailored to you. Finding your fit faster means spending less time and money on products that don't work, and building your curl confidence.

When you start your Figured journey, our hair experts curate 3 kits for you, each stocked with tailored samples and personalized hair advice. We know that it takes most people two years to find their haircare groove. Purchase the Figured Experience today to find your perfect collection of go-to products and hair routine in just 90 days.


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